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Artist Residency Grants

Indigenous Makers’ Studio


The Indigenous Makers’ Studio is a new NORPA initiative supporting emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists originating from or residing in NSW, who have a strong desire to develop their performance practise. Read more

  • Closing: 15 January 2019
  • Categories: Artist Residency, Indigenous, Performing Arts
  • Open To: Individuals

NG Art Creative Residency

NG Art Creative

NG Art Creative invites national and international creatives of all career stages and art forms to Eygalières, Provence, Southern France.
NG Art Creative Residency is a sanctuary for creatives to create, paint, draw, sculpt, write, sing, rhyme, film, photograph, ponder life and collaborate, both in the studio and en plein air.
A home away from home, NG Art Creative Residency is an international multi-disciplinary creative residency that offers a place of respite, nourishment and enlightenment for creatives who seek to enrich their creative process.
The deadline for submission is the 31st January 2018.
Mas des Pelerins offers 3, 4 and 6 week residencies and caters for a maximum of 6 creative residents. Creatives can apply by submitting a 600-word proposal, a bio, CV and providing examples of work.
For more information please visit the official website. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Jardin Orange Residency

Jardin Orange Residency

Jardin Orange (“Orange Garden”) is a new artist residency in the north of Shenzhen, China. It has been host to and seeks to promote talented artists both from within China as well as to bring international artists to the burgeoning Chinese market. The overall mission of the project is to become an active participant in the region’s artistic growth as well as to become a “magnet” residency that attracts and supports young artists in their careers. Artists come here to be culturally flexible, push beyond their comfort zone, to work hard and to experiment with new forms of personal expression that they haven’t tried before.
Jardin Orange Artist Residency (JO) offers Artists-In-Residence (AIR) a unique environment to spend extended residencies within the burgeoning young metropolis of Shenzhen, in southern China.
This residency, in particular, is for artists to come explore their personal stylistic boundaries, to attempt things that they haven’t done before, to experiment with new techniques and to consider the advice of others. We strive to encourage, in every step of the creative process, the forward motion and evolution of each artist that pushes them ahead in their professional journey. Jardin Orange Artist Residency is designed as an opportunity for artists to intensively pursue creative work away from their home setting and to welcomely embrace the modern Chinese urban setting.
We are looking to host recognised international and regional artists so they can develop their creative visions to new limits and to work on a series of canvas pieces that can then be then displayed and sold in our gallery.
Eligible Applicants
JO offers 4 to 12-week duration residencies throughout the year. The goal is to host around 2-3 artists per month. This means, potentially, dozens of artists are provided the opportunity to live and work at Jardin Orange Artist Residency each year.
This residency is currently open (til end of 2017) to “local” (those residing in the SZ/HK/GZ area) the artistic genre of visual art of painting. Unfortunately, we are not equipped for the performing arts, music creation, installations, large sculptures and “old-school” photography processing.
Artists are expected to commit to this mission: Jardin Orange offers each artist the autonomy and space to engage in his or her personal stylistic exploration; the artist is thought to be flexible, willing to push beyond one’s comfort zone and experiments with new forms of artistic expression and techniques.
2018 Applications are submitted by e-mail to A complete application includes:

  • an updated CV and biography (including all exhibition events / websites / shows)

  • a high-resolution visual portfolio your art work of the past 3 years (.pdf)
  • online or digital price reference list for recently sold canvases or works (and average sale price of 1x1m canvas)
  • artist letter of intent: what projects you would like to work on during your stay, how many and why

Each resident is provided access to an individual studio space (37 sq. meters) and shared kitchen space. Sometimes, studios may be shared depending on volume of artists. Studios are located inside the residency’s three-story building and are fully equipped. Have 300-sq. meter public gallery and several offices.
Program Fees

  • Paid by host: Private living accommodations, reasonable amounts of studio and art materials (if not already available), gallery set-up for exhibition

  • Paid by artist: Travel to/from residency, personal travel / excursions beyond residency-based activities, spouses or assistants, insurance, visa costs, daily living expenses

For more information visit the official website. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Vermont Studio Center Residency

Vermont Studio Center

Each month, VSC welcomes over 50 artists and writers from across the country around the world to our historic campus in northern Vermont.
Welcome to the Vermont Studio Center’s online application.
We have 3 fellowship deadlines per year: February 15th, June 15th, and October 1st. For details on current awards, visit:
Fellowship applications open 6 weeks prior to each respective deadline. All artists & writers living and working anywhere in the world are welcome to apply.
Fellowship applicants are juried together and can expect to hear back from us approximately 8-12 weeks after the deadline closes.
We accept general (non-fellowship) applicants on a rolling basis year-round.
For updated deadlines and residencies, visit the official website. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Rimbun Dahan Artist in Residence

Rimbun Dahan

Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia runs a range of artists’ residencies to encourage visual artists, choreographers and other creative individuals to explore and develop their artistic work.
Rimbun Dahan welcomes international artists (from countries other than those in the ASEAN/South East Asian region), with or without partners and family. We provide accommodation (living space and work space) for a monthly fee of RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 4,000, for any length of residency. A 50% refundable deposit is required at least three months before the start of the residency, with the balance to be paid on arrival. The fee goes back into subsidizing the residencies of artists from ASEAN at Rimbun Dahan.
The choice of accommodation will depend on availability. The fee includes weekly room cleaning and linen change, and some logistical support like transport for weekly shopping trips for food, airport meet and transfer, free WiFi, inclusion in any events that might be happening at Rimbun Dahan from drinks by the pool to trips to openings or events in KL or the local area. The swimming pool and tennis court are available for use by resident artists at any time.
Please send expressions of interest, along with desired dates for residency, to:
Ms Syar S. Alia, Arts Manager
For more information visit the official website. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Eramboo Artist Residency Program

Eramboo Artist Environment

Applications now open for an artist residency at Eramboo. A live in residency is ideal for regional, inter-state or international artists working in all media, writers, musicians, dance or performance artists. Available for one week or three months.
Eramboo Artist Environment is a contemporary creative art space on the edge of a World Heritage National Park, where artists flourish and grow connections between art, nature and the community.
Eramboo is located on the edge of Kuringgai National Park, 45 mins from Sydney CBD, close to the Terry Hills shopping village and cafes. Access to a car is recommended, public transport via Terry Hills (1.9km away), 5 minutes drive to Church Point, 15 minutes drive to Northern Beaches.
Inspirational bushland setting for developing a body of work or a site responsive project or to simply to grow creatively for solo artist or artist couple.
Simple studio accommodation includes kitchenette, access to larger kitchen, double bed, seperate toilets, washing machine, shower, wifi, parking, eco friendly, quiet, 24/7 access. Additional studio space and teaching rooms can be hired.
Opportunity to immerse yourself in a peaceful natural environment where you can truly focus on your work.
Eramboo is a not for profit arts organisation, a registered charity and in a cultural partnership with Northern Beaches Council. It is operated by a volunteer Directors board and is funded by studio hire fees, fees from classes &workshops, grants, donations and sponsorship.
It operates 7 creative studios, a live in residency program for International, Interstate and Regional artists, a gallery space and exhibition program, a Masterclass Program, art classes and creative events.
Eramboo arts programs include visual artists working in all media, writers, musician, public art, and performance.
Please visit our website for online application form or email for further information. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

BigCi Residency


Artists undertake BigCi residency for an agreed period of time to develop ideas, create new work or to deepen their existing art practice.
They stay either at the Art Shed, the Barn, or the House, subject to availability and individual project requirements that will be discussed with each applicant.
The Art Shed, the Barn, the House, and the 8 acres of the property’s bush land are available for all kinds of initiatives. The extraordinary beauty of the surroundings provides a ground for creativity and professional development.
Proposals are welcome throughout the year – each season has its own creative possibilities. It is recommended that applications are submitted well in advance.
Successful applicants are charged a subsidised residency fee, which is AUD$250 (plus $25 GST) per person per week for Australian artists and AUD$300 (plus $30 GST) for International artists. Please note that these subsidised fees are available only to self-funded artists. Our rates for organisations are AUD$500 (plus GST) for Australian artists and AUD$600 (plus GST) for International artists.
The residency fees include artist accommodation, work space, shared living facilities, bathroom, kitchen, internet, electricity, water. They also include artist support and assistance in facilitation of the projects.
Successful applicants will be responsible for all other costs including food, transport, travel costs, insurance, and art materials. There is no stipend or living allowance attached to the stay in BigCi. The artists should consider other ways to fund their visit.
At the time of booking, artists will be required to pay total residency fee and a refundable bond of AUD$500. The refundable bond covers any costs associated with damage or extraordinary cleaning.
BigCi is located on the edge of Wollemi National Park, about one hour and a half away from Sydney. Due to the remote location of BigCi, a car is strongly recommended. Please note that BigCi does not provide transport and that the artists are responsible for making the necessary arrangements. In cases when the artist is unable to have a car, we will provide a pickup/drop off from Richmond train station on arrival/departure and once a week transport for food shopping.
There is a possibility of an exhibition, performance, workshop or other special event during or at the end of the residency, as well as a representation on the BigCi website and social media.
To secure the booking, the residency fee and the refundable bond are payable upon the approval of the application form. All applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application.
For more information visit the website. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Skopelos Foundation for the Arts Residency

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts

The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts offers residencies for two weeks to two months for ceramists, mixed media artists, painters, printmakers and sculptors from March through December.
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts is looking for the adventurous artist that would want to immerse themselves and create from the Greek culture. We offer residencies in ceramics, painting, printmaking and sculpting.
Greece is a land filled with hundreds of enchanted islands, and Skopelos is one of its most inviting. Located in the Aegean northeast of Athens, Skopelos offers visitors a memorable experience. The view of Skopelos Town from the harbor is breathtaking. A broad promenade for leisurely strolling along the waterfront, whitewashed cottages festooned with brilliant crimson bougainvillea, nestled against lofty, green hills–this is the Greece tourists hope to visit on cruises and seldom find.
The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts adds an appealing accent to this beguiling island. Gloria Carr, a woman with a dream, established the Skopelos Foundation in the mid-90s. A graduate of George Mason University’s Fine Arts Program and the Pratt Institute in New York, Gloria traveled to Greece for a holiday. She landed on Skopelos, was enthralled by its beauty, and extended her holiday indefinitely.
And so the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts was launched. In a land where things move on Greek time, the American concept of deadlines hasn’t made much headway. Nevertheless, Gloria built a state-of-the-art studio and was ready to begin offering workshops in little more than a year. Her mission was “to give students, artists, and interested travelers an opportunity to experience Greek culture and art, both traditional and contemporary.”
The Greek culture is one of generosity, kindness, and togetherness. The Greeks are happiest when everyone is included. If you sit down to a meal with a group of people, you don’t leave until everybody is ready to leave. In this social climate, people go out together for coffee, dinner, or drinks. When you walk downtown to drink coffee, you might find a laborer, the mayor, a lawyer, and a carpenter all sitting at the same table, enjoying each other’s company. Their views matter, not their educational level, background, or income. We want to offer this same atmosphere in our residencies at the Foundation.
In Skopelos, people can leave their stress behind and be themselves. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the common phrase is ‘siga, siga’ –‘slowly, slowly.” Visitors who want to shape this mellow, people-centered culture to their own lifestyles may feel uncomfortable at Skopelos. Adaptability is the key. If you look at change as an opportunity and not as a problem, the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts is the perfect place for you!
Please contact Jill Somer at Read more

  • Closing: 18 February 2019
  • Categories: Artist Residency, Visual Arts
  • Open To: Individuals

Millay Colony for the Arts Residency

The Millay Colony

The Millay Colony for the Arts (USA) offers one-month residencies to six visual artists, writers and composers each month between the months of April and November.
The Millay Colony is an artists residency program in Upstate New York offering one-month and two-week retreats to six visual artists, writers and composers each month between April and November. We also offer a select number of group residencies for collaborating artists and virtual residencies for those who can’t spend prolonged time away from home. We welcome artists of all ages, from all cultures and communities, and in all stages of their career. Each residency includes a private bedroom and studio as well as ample time to work in a gorgeous atmosphere. We do not emphasize events or production goals. We believe we can offer artists nothing more precious than the chance to work, and we provide everything an artist needs to organize her time for maximum productivity.
Our seven-acre Upstate New York campus, with its lovely meadows and forest, is adjacent to the former home and gardens of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and the exquisite Harvey Mountain State Forest. Our residents and guests have access to trails for hiking and bicycles, as well as meadows for picnics (with wild blueberry, wild thyme and a delicious mix of plants and flowers) and creeks and streams for cooling off. In the Winter, residents may choose to go cross-country skiing.
We are near the towns of Chatham, NY and Great Barrington, MA (a lovely Berkshire town with all the trimmings).
Our chef cooks healthy delicious dinners and also provides food for residents to cook their own day-time meals. We are happy to respond to food allergies as well as vegetarian, vegan and other diets. We have a barbecue for outdoor grilling and get-togethers.
The Steepletop Barn has four bedrooms and four studios with beautiful meadow and mountain views. The Main Building was featured in the July ’98 issue of Architectural Record for its sleek look and commitment to universal access. This building contains two residency suites and studios as well as common areas open to all residents, including the kitchen, dining and living areas, and a laundry room. All are fully accessible. The Main House also has a darkroom, a Yamaha U1 upright piano, a large collection of art books, lounges, a public telephone, and WiFi. In our adjacent offices, we have a fax machine, copier, computer and printer which residents may use.
Applications to our artists residency program must be submitted online or postmarked by one of our deadlines, either October 1 or March 1st. All residents are judged anonymously by a panel of artists in their field. We aim to make the jury process as transparent and “fair” as possible. You can read about past juries on our Juries page. Please visit out Application Page for more information.
Status of all applications are emailed out either late January for the October 1st deadline, or mid-May for the March 1st deadline.
For more information, please email or call the Residency Director Calliope Nicholas at or 518-392-3103
  Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Unconformity Artist Residencies


In 2018 The Unconformity will support multiple artist residencies in Queenstown, a small mining town in remote western Tasmania.
Residency info and ethos
The Unconformity Artist Residencies have been designed to support the development needs of artists, allowing time to research, develop relationships and focus on their work in the provocative Queenstown environment. Artists will be afforded the opportunity to focus upon development of their practice or project with flexibility around delivering a resolved outcome.
The residencies are assessed via application on a competitive basis and are open to local, Tasmanian, Australian and International artists from all artforms and stages of professional practice. Residencies will take place for a negotiated period during the 2018 calendar year. Artists will be supported with:

  • $2,500 artist fee

  • $500 materials budget
  • In-kind accommodation
  • Per diems
  • A contribution towards travel.

For more information visit the Unconformity website.

Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Residencies at "Imagine"

Art in Motion

Calling individual artists, creators, interested in 2 weeks to 1 month in the country at”Imagine” retreat. “Imagine” is located in rural NSW Australia, in the Great Lakes District, 3 hours North of Sydney.
Staying at “Imagine”.
Time and space in the country for 2 to 4 weeks of creative development and work.
This will be a time of creative space on farm land on the mid-north coast of Australia which is one of the holiday destinations for Sydney siders in the summer months. Facing the spectacular views of the lake this is a space to feel free enough to focus on whatever project you aspire to as an artist. Conducive to creativity, will provide working facilities, ready to be used by individual visiting artists to stay and create.
Creativity, Peace
The retreat exists to allow artists time to work without distractions. Located in a rural area, and there is no public interaction unless artists request working with the local community (rules prohibiting anyone from interrupting artists in the space unless they wish to work with the community).
​Regional Contacts
If artists wish to connect with the local or wider community contacts this can sometimes be facilitated and local schools are always interested in visiting tutors at different times of year.
Farmhouse on 5 acres with one double room and one room with bunks. Outdoor under-cover space for art or movement also indoor studio space and outdoor stage (good in the early morning or late in the day in summer). Dancers have enjoyed the early morning in this space.
Air, rail and bus travel to and from the residency is to be paid by the artists. Time frame 28 days for full development of project and a showing of work. Artists in residence at any one time 2 to 4 residents.
“Art For Arts and Artists Sake”
Artist-in-residence programs are an opportunity to allow visiting artists to stay and work ‘for art’s sake’. The environment being conducive to creativity and working facilities, ready to be used by individual artists. Your stay can be process based with or without outcome so that freedom with it’s responsibility be offered to the artists in residence. If you wish to do a project based work involving the community that can also be developed as long as it can be prepared in advance.
Open to creator artists from all nations, artists are requested to send in documentation, a curriculum vitae what you would like to do either process based or project. The work does not need to have and outcome. email: Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Broken Hill Art Exchange Inc. Residencies

Broken Hill Art Exchange Inc.

The Broken Hill Art Exchange Inc. residency provides facilities for artists and other industry sectors across various fields to research and practise artistic endeavours. There are three residency application categories:

  • Professional practice: for self-initiated projects and private studio time

  • Community development: to engage local communities and groups through workshop or projects
  • Industry development: for long-term residencies with a view to enhance Broken Hill’s reputation as a profitable artistic hub

For more information visit Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Artist in Residency Program

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

The Gallery is pleased to be able to offer two new Artist-In-Residence studios in the picturesque rural rural village of Collector, NSW. One is ideally set up as a ceramic studio, but may be used for any other media. The other is part of the Some Cafe with a self-contained 2 bedroom stone house and sunny north facing terrace + studio space, and would be a fantastic space for an artist working in any medium. The Galley is grateful to CreateNSW and a private regional donor who have contributed generously to enable both these residencies.
For more information visit Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Artist Residency

Sunsiz Media

Sunsiz Media invites artists and writers to experience the NSW outback to create works of art and spend time in the black opal mining town of Lightning Ridge.
Dr Jillian Gates, artist, educator and director of Sunsiz Media discovered this retreat in 2008 while completing her Ph.D and found it was the perfect site to write and give her students a greater appreciation of en plein air painting.
From 2014 this Residency is open to mid career artists interested in contemporary art practice and writing. Artists working in installation and other spatial and temporal practices who want to exhibit their work in Sydney should contact Articulate project space in Leichhardt, NSW, with a proposal.
Please state briefly why you would like to stay at the Residency and tell us about your project and what you would like to achieve. Please include the dates you require.
Preference will be given to artists who are sensitive to “off the grid” living and the surrounding environment.
For more information visit Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Artist in Residence Program

Grafton Regional Gallery

The Grafton Regional Gallery is offering artists the rare opportunity to be one of its artists in residence. The Gallery is calling for applications from artists for this program which will run from 8 October – 1 November 2018 during the lead up to the opening of the 2018 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award (JADA) and the annual Jacaranda Festival.
For more information visit Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

The Nancy Fairfax Artist in Residence Studio (AIR)

Tweed Regional Gallery

Visual artists are invited to apply to be part of the Artist in Residence (AIR) program, which is in two streams:
FEE PAYING RESIDENCY: Artists and arts professionals are invited to apply to rent the Nancy Fairfax Artist in Residence Studio. The program is subsidised making the rental fee just $330 per week (correct time of publication).
FUNDED RESIDENCY: Occurring twice a year, the funded residencies are supported through the generous benefaction of Mr Tim Fairfax AC and complemented by government grants and the Gallery’s support organisations.
Residents will be granted a living allowance, travel and free use of the AIR studio. Outcomes from the funded residencies will be included in the Gallery’s exhibition program. Funded residencies will also participate in the delivery of public programs supporting the Residency and the Gallery’s programs. Funded Residency applications are by INVITATION ONLY.
For more information visit the Tweed Regional Gallery website. Read more

  • Closing: 10 June 2019
  • Categories: Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

A Month in the Country

HotHouse Theatre

Submissions are now being accepted for residency requests for the period July to December 2018 at HotHouse Theatre’s Month In The Country farmhouse in Albury.
Since 2004, in partnership with AlburyCity and Murray Arts, the Month In The Country program at the Splitters Creek farmhouse has hosted many talented playwrights, performers, directors, choreographers and composers. A Month In The Country is a rare resource in the national landscape, enabling artists from around Australia to develop work in the focused environment of our region’s Wonga Wetlands.
Selected artists have exclusive use of the five-bedroom farmhouse and attached rehearsal room – with sprung floor and reverse cycle air conditioning – for up to two weeks. A travel stipend and (if required) the use of a car is also provided.
For more information and guidelines visit
Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Sturt Craft Centre Artist in Residence

Sturt Craft Centre

Sturt Craft Centre invites applications from experienced craft practitioners to the Sturt Artist-in-Residence program.
Residencies occur in the craft disciplines of ceramics, jewellery/metalwork, textiles and woodwork. Four to six residencies occur at Sturt each year.
Sturt encourages small scale production and individually designed work which may be promoted through Sturt Gallery.
Each year professional residencies may be awarded specifically to develop a body of work which can be produced and made, at Sturt, during the Residency time.
Sturt sees the residency program as an important adjunct to its overall aim of providing support for Australian contemporary craft and design through a program of teaching, retail, exhibition and residencies. The emphasis of the residency program will be to support craftspeople and designer-makers who are sympathetic to this philosophy.
Three categories of residency are available:

  • Professional Residency

  • Self Directed Residency
  • Graduate Residency

For more information visit the Sturt Craft Centre website.

Read more

  • Closing: 31 October 2019
  • Categories: Artist Residency, Visual Arts
  • Open To: Individuals

First Peoples Residencies

Bundanon Trust

First Peoples Residencies are open to NSW-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from in all disciplines. This includes visual artists, writers, performers, producers, directors, composers, curators and educators. Residencies can be for research and development or for the creation of new work.

For more information visit Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: Artist Residency, Indigenous
  • Open To: Individuals

Prelude Composer Residency Program

Bundanon Trust

Prelude offers four long-term residencies in composers’ houses in NSW, SA & WA. The successful applicants are provided with sole occupancy of the houses as well as a stipend to cover living costs and travel.

For more information visit Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals

Affirm Press Mentorship Award

Varuna the National Writers House

Affirm Press Mentorship Award

Held in partnership with Affirm Press, these publishing intensive mentorships provide a unique opportunity for up to four writers developing exceptional new work.

For the 2020 Mentorship Award, Affirm Press is looking for YA manuscripts and middle-grade fiction (10+) with sci-fi and fantasy themes.

Key dates

Applications open 16 March and close 29 April 2020.

If successful, you will be required to take your residency between Monday November 2 and Sunday November 8, 2020.


There is a fee of $60 per application, unless you are a financially current alumni member using your annual fee waiver. If you have a Healthcare card, the application fee is $30. Application fees are used to pay professional assessors to read your work.

If you are successful, you will be asked to make a contribution of $385 towards your residency and you will need to meet your own travel expenses to and from Varuna. If you have a Healthcare card, you may apply to the Varuna Travel Assistance Fund for a subsidy of up to $300.

Read more

  • Closing: 29 April 2020
  • Categories: Artist Residency, Literature
  • Open To: Individuals

Varuna Residential Fellowships

Varuna the National Writers House

Varuna Residential Fellowships offer two to three weeks of full board and accommodation at Varuna including a prepared evening meal, uninterrupted time to write in your own private studio, the companionship of your fellow writers and a one-hour Varuna Conversation with a Varuna consultant.

In 2021, Varuna will offer 24 Varuna Residential Fellowships, including our prestigious Flagship Fellowships.

Key dates

Applications for the 2021 residency program will open June 15, 2020 and close midnight on July 29, 2020.

Varuna Residential Fellowships can be taken between January and the end of May 2021.


Application fees are $65 per application, unless you are a financially current alumni member using your annual fee waiver. Application fees are used to pay professional assessors to read your work. If you have a Healthcare card, the application fee is $35.

If you are successful, you will be asked to make a contribution of $315 per week towards your residency (note that this fee is waived for the Henry Handel Richardson fellowship).

And you will need to meet your own travel expenses to and from Varuna. If you have a Healthcare card, you may apply to the Varuna Travel Assistance Fund for a subsidy of up to $300.

Read more

  • Closing: 29 July 2020
  • Categories: Artist Residency, Fellowship & Scholarship, Literature, Visual Arts
  • Open To: Individuals

Police Point Artist in Residence Program

Mornington Peninsula Shire

This program has been filled until 2021 when it will reopen.

Emerging and established artists, writers, musicians and creatives are invited to apply for a Police Point Artist in Residency.

Both supported and fee paying residencies are available, ranging from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of six weeks.
Artists can be inspired by this nationally significant cultural heritage site located in the traditional lands of the Burin’yong-bulluk, one of at least six clans of the Bunurong who were part of the Kulin Nation of Central Victoria.

The Police Point AiR program is coordinated by the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Arts & Culture team who work closely with key stakeholders and the community.

For more information visit the residency website. Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Artist Residency
  • Open To: Individuals