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Grants From NSW Family and Community Services

Youth Opportunities Funding

NSW Family and Community Services

The Youth Opportunities program provides one-off, time-limited grants of up to $50,000 to organisations and local councils for youth-led and youth-driven community projects that have a positive youth development focus.
Funded projects from previous rounds have focused on providing young people with the opportunity to develop a range of life skills, including healthy behaviours; leadership, communication and teamwork; event management and planning; and volunteering opportunities that link young people to further education and training.
For more information visit the NSW Family and Community Services website. Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: All Artforms / General, Creative Industries
  • Open To: Organisations

NSW Grandparents Day Grants

NSW Family and Community Services

The Grandparents Day event grants program, administered by the Department of Family and Community Services, funds community events that celebrate grandparents and provide opportunities for older people to participate in activities with their families and communities.
Who can apply?
All not-for-profit and community organisations, schools, childcare centres, and local government authorities based in NSW can apply. Workplaces or businesses that plan activities or projects that support the needs of older people can also apply.
For more information visit the Grandparents Day website. Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: All Artforms / General
  • Open To: Organisations

Community Building Partnership

NSW Family and Community Services

The program offers grants across the State at an individual State Electorate level for the enhancement of community facilities.  This current program round is closed for 2016 and will re- open in 2017.
Grants will be open to local councils and incorporated not-for-profit bodies such as charities, sporting, social and environmental groups.
Successful projects will benefit their local community through the improvement of facilities that deliver positive social, environmental, inclusive or recreational outcomes. Applications should be for;

  • Construction of new capital works.
  • Refurbishment, repairs and maintenance to existing capital facilities.
  • The purchase of capital equipment with a minimum individual asset value of $2,500 and a life expectancy of 5+ years that enables the delivery of new or enhanced community services.

For more information visit the NSW Government website. Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: Capital / Infrastructure
  • Open To: Organisations

Sing Your Age

NSW Family and Community Services

The Australian National Choral Association has been engaged by the NSW Department of Family & Community Services (FACS) to deliver Sing Your Age, a project part of the NSW Ageing Strategy 2016 – 2020.
The Sing Your Age is a project, offering grants to support the creation of new singing groups for older people, or the inclusion of older people in existing singing groups throughout NSW.
The creative arts is a key contributor to healthy and active ageing. Participation in singing programs and choirs provide older people the opportunity to stay active and connect with their communities.
ANCA is inviting singing groups and community organisations to apply for funding, in one of the following categories:

  • Category 1 – $100 to $1,000 for expanding existing singing groups to include older people

  • Category 2 – $1001 to $7,000 for creating a new singing group or choir in one location
  • Category 3 – $7,000 to $15,000 for creating and/or expanding singing groups in multiple locations.

Please read the Sing Your Age Grant Guidelines for detailed information on eligibility, assessment criteria and terms and conditions.
Successful applicants will be required to submit a project plan, addressing key deliverables and performance milestones. ANCA will be available to offer support for grant recipients to fulfil their requirements throughout the duration of the project.
For more information visit the Australian National Choral Association website. Read more

  • Closing: TBA
  • Categories: Music
  • Open To: Organisations