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Grants From Gordon Darling Foundation

Foundation Grants

Gordon Darling Foundation

What does the Gordon Darling Foundation support?
The Foundation provides funding for a range of visual arts projects Australia-wide.
Funding may be provided for:

  • catalogues and publications

  • that are scholarly
  • that provide a permanent record of an exhibition, collection, artist or movement
  • the Foundation does not fund souvenir or promotional publications
  • exhibition development excluding marketing or promotional costs
  • professional education initiatives including individual professional development
  • research projects
  • symposia

The Foundation does not normally fund:

  • capital works

  • general or core activities
  • retrospective funding
  • recurrent funding of a project

Who is eligible?
The Foundation can only provide funding to Public Institutions in Australia.Individuals wishing to apply for funding for projects are required to partner with a Public Institution which then takes responsibility for the project.
The Trustees will normally award only one application per organisation in any given year.
Funding criteria

  • The Foundation encourages applications from all over Australia.

  • The Foundation is a funder of innovative projects.
  • The Foundation is a funder of projects providing increased access to the visual arts.
  • Projects will be expected to attract considerable public exposure.
  • Projects should demonstrate the highest levels of professional practice.
  • The Foundation may be the sole grant provider or the lead donor or a participant in a collaborative funding with other private and/or public donors.
  • The Foundation will not normally support projects that have been almost fully funded from other sources.
  • Preference will be given to projects which will tour.

Application procedure
Read the guidelines.
Contact the Gordon Darling Foundation to request an application form and detailed guidelines:
Phone: 03 9820 3168, Email:
Administrators: Aileen Ellis/Sherrie Antonio
Applications must be submitted by mail in hard-copy on the current year’s form with any supporting material.
Submissions will be examined by the Trustees of the Foundation three times a year in March, June and October. The closing dates for applications are 7 January, 31 May and 30 September respectively. Read more

  • Closing: Ongoing
  • Categories: Visual Arts
  • Open To: Organisations