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Events - Exhibition

Ghost Nets Worskop

The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery are hosting a FREE workshop to participate in with renowned ghost nets artist Sue Ryan, creator of the widely acclaimed Wobbegong featured in OPEN HOUSE: 3rd TTT – currently showing at the Regional Art Gallery. Read more

Peter Solness: Lamplight

A BRAG Hill End AIR exhibition featuring a series of 'light photographs' of the artists who live at Hill End. Read more

Tim Allen Immersion

Immersion—deep involvement—describes both Tim Allen’s working process and his connection to landscape. Read more

Trial Bay Goal | Sculpture in the Gaol

Sculpture in the Gaol is a public art exhibition in a location like no other. Hosted by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service at the historic Trial Bay Gaol in South West Rocks, the exhibition features around 100 works by professional and hobbyist sculptors from all over NSW and beyond. Read more

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Christian Bishop: Monuments to Thieves

Sticks. Clay. Concrete and metal. Construction site debris. Monuments to Thieves is an installation exploring landscape and trauma where artist Christian Bishop summons the landscape of his childhood. Through these reliquaries of the natural world, Monuments to Thieves is a memorial to landscapes lost. Read more

Sturt Gallery | Circling Back

Sturt Gallery is unveiling its new exhibition, Circling Back on Sunday 9 June at 11am. A stunning new exhibition of sculptural work by Harriet Goodall, Circling Back uses basketry, woven installations and wall hangings in salvaged metal and natural to exprace traces in a rural landscape. Read more