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Uranquinty Folk Festival

Uranquinty Folk Festival is a small, family-orientated festival, 12 kilometres south of Wagga Wagga southern NSW. Formed in 1970 by the Wagga Wagga Folk society, it is one of Australia’s oldest folk festivals.
At Quinty the emphasis is on participation, campfire & pub sessions, workshops, dances and blackboards. Concerts at the Uranquinty Hotel and the Oval, where we encourage new and/or unknown artists as well as old friends.
Camping (free) is at the showground which is where most of the action takes place. The only venue not located at the showground is the pub, a short walk (or drive) away. Vehicles are allowed in the campsite but please don’t drive across the centre – it wrecks the cricket pitch.
Wood is provided for a number of bonfires around the camp site which serve as centres of warmth, fellowship and music well into the night.
Alcohol is permitted, but remember the festival is family-friendly.
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