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Windowless Worlds Exhibition - National Art Glass Gallery

Focusing on the shards of shattered glass collected from the streets of Beirut, Windowless Worlds provides an unconventional lens through which trauma, recovery, accountability and resilience can be thoughtfully considered. By collecting and combining glass objects from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Turkey along with Australian works form the National Art Glass collection, an exhibition has formed which critiques a world that is broken, but hope survives.

The Windowless Worlds exhibition will be accompanied with a range of unique programs across the duration of the show. Curator of the Windowless Worlds exhibition, Sam Bowker, said “This exhibition began on 4 August 2020, when thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded without warning in the Port of Beirut. The blast was felt over 240 kilometres away, and at least 207 people were killed, with over 7500 injured – many by shattered and falling window glass. Within seconds, the city was rendered ‘windowless’. The cumulative negligence of government agencies, despite years of public protest, had resulted in sudden devastation.”

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