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Where there are ceramists - there's fire

Fired Up - Outback Wood Fire Camp

The Coonamble Ceramics Collective will literally fire up for the first Outback Wood Fire Camp near Coonamble from Friday 21 to Sunday 23 August.

Spokesperson and artist-in-residence for the group, Anna Kaineder, says it will be a weekend of fire, mud and clay conversation with pit firing, clay fossicking, hand building and outback hospitality.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity for people from outside the area, regional and city, to be involved in a project from scratch: building the pit, working with local clay and experimenting with wood firing. It’s a primitive form of firing that can produce some amazing results.

‘One of the major aims of this project is to connect regional, outback and city creative communities, decreasing the isolation for ceramic artists and potters in the regions and introducing artists from the city to a different experience,’ Anna says.

The project was funded through the Country Arts Support Program.

As well as having her own studio near Coonamble, Terraluca, Anna is the 2015 Outback Ceramics- artist in residence. The residency, funded with a grant of $23,820 from the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund aims to establish and raise awareness of a creative arts industry hub in the Coonamble Shire with its population of just over 4,000 people.

While developing her own body of work toward a planned exhibition later in the year,  Anna has been mentoring artists and delivering ceramic and creative industries development workshops. This ‘ground up’ approach is proving to be very popular with the children’s workshops booking out.  At a more professional level the Collective had a very successful outing at the market at the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Canberra earlier this month.

‘We were at the market next to some of the most well-known ceramicists in the country. We did very well and it illustrates that our ceramicists – Sooty Welsh, Kookie Atkins, Prue Cullen and Gemma Pettiford – are among the best,’ says Anna.

Full details about the camp here.

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