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Warren Chamber Music Festival

In its inaugural year the Warren Chamber Music Festival welcomes a star studded line up of professional orchestral and chamber musicians from across the country. The aim of the festival is to educate and celebrate the Arts in the Central West of NSW. Whilst drawing in local music lovers, the festival hopes to attract many travellers out to the west where the sunsets are deep red and the bird calls are sweet and haunting. Renowned for its endless beautiful horizons, the central west will play host to fine music, great food and warm hospitality.

The line up includes:

  • Sonia Anfiloff Dramatic Soprano
  • Marieanne Noonan Mezzo Soprano
  • Kiran Phatak Flute
  • Nick Evans Clarinet
    Greg Taylor Bassoon
  • Frances Evans Violin
  • Katie Yap Viola
  • Tom Higham Viola
  • Richard Narroway Cello
  • Alexandra Partridge Cello
  • Fiona Loader- award winning Australian composer
  • Pacific Brass
  • Warren Youth Choir

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