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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | There'll Be No More Shepherds

Image: Liam Garstang, ‘There’ll Be No More Shepherds’ 2011-12, HD video (still).
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is delighted to present an enthralling new exhibition by artist Liam Garstang, There’ll Be No More Shepherds, opening on Saturday 19 August. Garstang’s works include installation, video, performance, printmaking, and ceramics, and are based on personal, generational, and collective events and iconography, as well as deep spontaneous emotional responses to place.

There’ll Be No More Shepherds evokes questions relating to experiences of loss and reclamation, and aims to open up dialogues for the artist and his audiences that explore alternative modes of expression.

Born in Wagga Wagga, Liam Garstang graduated in 2008 from the Sydney College of the Arts, where he is currently Gallery Manager. He has exhibited in solo shows in Canberra, Adelaide and Portugal, and in group exhibitions in Sydney, Canberra, and South Australia. In 2014 and 2016, Garstang was engaged as curator and project manager for the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival in Sydney.

Describing the exhibition and its background, Liam Garstang notes that, “In my early twenties, I left my life on the farm in Downside to pursue my art education in Sydney. My decision to leave the farm will end my family’s hundred-year long farming tradition. Young people moving off the land to the city is common in contemporary Australia, and has occurred globally since the mid-eighteenth century. However, it is not without societal and individual confliction.”

There’ll Be No More Shepherds explores my own personal conflictions of leaving this land and through a series site responsive actions, attempts to reconcile my emotive states around this personal narrative. This exhibition is also about the lost paradise of childhood, the grafting of fantasies onto the other, the searching nature of voluntary and involuntary memory, and the gulf between our perception of the past and what ‘truly’ happened – hence the emotive narratives we weave around places and ourselves.”

Liam Garstang: There’ll Be No More Shepherds is on display at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery from Saturday 19 August until Sunday 1 October, 2017. A public closing for the exhibition will be held at the Gallery on Friday 22 September, 6pm-8pm.
For more information contact Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on, (02) 6926 9660 or visit the website.