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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Experiments in Light Closing Event

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery invites you to join us on Thursday 6 July, to celebrate the life and work of one of the most influential artists in contemporary Australian glass, George Aslanis, with a special closing event for the exhibition Experiments in Light.
George Aslanis (1960-2016) inspired a generation of glass artists to develop their passion and their understanding of the artform, and this survey exhibition has revealed the great scope of his practice and his ideas. Aslanis began his artistic career in ceramics, but became drawn to the paradoxical qualities of glass, which he described in one interview as “dense and heavy and solid… it is the antithesis of light, yet it describes light in so many ways”.
As head of the Glass and Ceramic Studio at Monash University for many years, Aslanis was a tremendous influence on glass students and artists across Australia, and many of the works on display in Experiments in Light have been loaned from former students.
Aslanis’ practice involves a dialogue that describes ‘states of being’, and symbols and metaphors are important motifs in his work. Drawing from cultures past and present he combined various elements to create visually complex cast glass sculptures. These objects are read from two sides, a sculpted textured surface and an open view into the interior space of the glass.
As well as his artistic practice and his influence as a teacher, George Aslanis was also known for his passion as a collector, with an exceptional eye for objects of art, craft and design. His later works combined his collections with his art, with installations that intermingled early Venetian glass vessels with found chunks of furnace glass, detritus from the casting process.
George Aslanis himself once described his work as “a discussion about glass, its inherent material properties; these include the sensual and the metaphorical. Glass is a material in a state of becoming, an endless multiplicity of potentials.” Experiments in Light is itself a tribute to Aslanis’ own multiplicity of potentials, and the home of the National Art Glass Collection is a fitting venue to reflect upon the life and career of such an influential artist.
The official closing event for George Aslanis: Experiments in Light will be held on Thursday 6 July at 5pm, in the National Art Glass Gallery at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. The exhibition will be open to the public until Sunday 9 July, 2017.