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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Christopher Orchard: Psychocartography

Image: Christopher Orchard, A Matter of Care: Repatriation #3, 2018, digital photographic print.
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is proud to present the new exhibition Psychocartography from local new-media artist and academic Christopher Orchard. In Psychocartography Christopher continues his post-photographic practice presenting new-media works interrogating a fluid personal connectedness to regional places.
Through an embodied and performative process of decolonisation and reinhabitation he calls ‘a critical practice of place’, Orchard attempts to transform personal/collective places of trauma towards matters of care. The exhibition presents documentary photographs, augmented reality elements, 3D printed forms and other new media elements to draw together an interconnected landscape.
Christopher Orchard draws from a wide body of academic and place-based knowledge to make connections between memories and geographies (psychocartography) that are presented as a series of ‘matters of care’. These matters of care include relationships between humans and animals, humans and soil, humans and plants – all explored as ways in to a deeper connection with the world.
In exploring bio-politics, human/other-then-human relationships, posthumanist performance and ecopsychology, Orchard produces a broad survey of works for exhibition that aims to identify and change ways of thinking that injure and exploit other people and places (decolonization); and to identify, recover, and create materials, spaces and places that teach us how to live well in our total environments (reinhabitation).
Christopher Orchard is an internationally exhibiting photographer whose work is held in private and public collections globally. He is currently Course Director and an interdisciplinary researcher in the School of Communication and Creative Industries at Charles Sturt University, and is undertaking postgraduate research at the University of Tasmania. Orchard calls himself a ‘connectivist’, a research conduit for information between differing perspectives acting as intermediary to bring about landscape reconciliations, sustainabilities, new knowledge and open discourse.
Christopher Orchard: Psychocartography will be on display at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery from Saturday 31 March until Sunday 20 May. Christopher Orchard will present a fascinating insight into his artistic practice and this new body of work with a free public presentation, on Saturday 7 April at 11am.
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