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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Christian Bishop: Monuments to Thieves

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is displaying its new exhibition, Monuments to Thieves, from Saturday 25 May – Sunday 14 July, 2019.

Sticks. Clay. Concrete and metal. Construction site debris. Monuments to Thieves is an installation exploring landscape and trauma where artist Christian Bishop summons the landscape of his childhood. Through these reliquaries of the natural world, Monuments to Thieves is a memorial to landscapes lost.

Monuments to Thieves couples the problematics of speculation driven property development in a colonised landscape with the spiritual loss of landscape and identity. The exhibition poses the question: ‘how do we identify with our surrounding landscape when it is in continual flux and upheaval?’

Rudimentary assemblages embedded throughout this exhibition prompt us to question them. Are these objects spiritual signals, or warnings to turn back, or discontinue in this direction? Are they abstract or literal? Are they objects of the man-made or natural world?

Christian Bishop (b.1973) is a multidisciplinary artist who works with printmaking, photography, sculpture and sound, drawing these together in immersive installations. Bishop grew up on Melbourne’s rural-urban fringe. He returns to this landscape to explore boundaries and identity, through art that intertwines the grotesque and the beautiful.

Exhibition dates: Saturday 25 May – Sunday 14 July, 2019

More info: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery website.