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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Awakening

On the first day of spring, Friday 1 September, the Wagga Wagga Bonsai Society will open a new exhibition in the E3 art space at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Awakening, with living artworks from the collections of members throughout the city.
Spring is an exciting time for bonsai artists. As the trees begin to emerge from their winter hiatus, new buds begin to swell with enthusiasm, bursting to grow. Awakening has been timed for the viewing of the structure of deciduous trees, however both deciduous and evergreen bonsais are displayed in this beautiful exhibition.
The ancient artform of bonsai, growing miniature trees in containers, originated in China where it is still known as penjing, but is most widely known for its association with Japanese culture. The practice combines the disciplines of visual art and horticulture, and any species of plant can be cultivated through techniques such as pruning, root reduction, potting and grafting.
The Wagga Wagga Bonsai Society was founded in 1982, fostering a fertile environment in which this living art can flourish. Monthly meetings and regular demonstrations, workshops, discussions and displays are held at the Association of Riverina Cultural Clubs (ARCC) on Tarcutta Street, Wagga Wagga.
Awakening: Wagga Wagga Bonsai Society will be officially launched in Friday 1 September at 6pm, in the E3 art space at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. The exhibition will be open to the public from Friday 1 September until Sunday 10 September (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).
On Saturday 2 September and Saturday 9 September, several bonsai artists will be working on their own trees throughout the day – an opportunity to observe the processes of refining, shaping and caring for bonsai trees in a relaxed atmosphere.
For more information visit the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery website.