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Wagga Wagga Art Gallery | Anthea da Silva: Transparent / Opaque

Image: Anthea da Silva, ‘I’m not making this up’, 2017, X-rays, glass light box.
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is proud to present the new exhibition from Anthea da Silva, Transparent / Opaque, a contemporary meditation on the concept of memento mori (remember that you will die), a central tenet of Buddhist and Christian contemplatives.
Transparent / Opaque was inspired by a series of calamities that recently shook Anthea da Silva’s world – among them, her mother’s death, her partner’s cancer diagnosis and the ongoing invasive treatment. The adage, ‘Listen out for the whispers before you have to hear the screams’, has resonated for the artist like a series of farcical explosions.
Anthea da Silva’s passion for life drawing and portraiture informs the layered and transparent themes in her work. X-rays, shadows and reflections, charcoal, oil and acrylic mediums map the surreal undertows and the bleeding obvious, beyond the surface of the precious, fragile, not always robust human.
Da Silva’s initial interest in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology led to a career in paediatric occupational therapy, and then to study and work in the visual and performing arts sectors. She has taught tertiary Visual Arts in Western Australia and facilitated arts workshops in WA, Melbourne, the North Coast of New South Wales and now the Riverina.
Da Silva has also worked in Community Arts in WA, and as artistic director and facilitator for several years with Gfest in the Midwest. Recently, da Silva’s work was exhibited in Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, to celebrate marriage equality. Solar illuminated light boxes and point-of-view video projections have featured in da Silva’s public art work, as have; but painting is her core practice.
Describing the exhibition, Anthea da Silva says, “The calm predictability of human life can spiral on a tiny axis, and highlight the transparencies, apparencies, opacities and duplicities that challenge core beliefs. Things can be so ephemeral. I’m so grateful; for friends and experiences that whisper resilience and resourcefulness.”
Anthea da Silva: Transparent / Opaque is on display at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery from Saturday 3 February until Sunday 25 March. A public closing for the exhibition will be held at the Gallery on Friday 16 March at 6pm.
For more information visit the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery website or call (02) 6926 9660.