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"Unravell Egg" on exhibition a part of "ADAPTATION"

Adaptation is an exhibition that highlights artists living with disability or chronic illness, whose practice has evolved to facilitate bodily or psychological conditions.

Audiences are invited to witness artists who have adapted their artistic expression to the challenges and new potentials of working with their body. While some of these artists make artworks about their conditions, others have adapted their art making to better suit a lived experience with disability or chronic illness.

Artists exhibiting as part of “ADAPTATION” include: Ohni Blu, Bruno Booth, Marion Conrow, Pat Larter, Prue Stevenson, Nell Syme and Louise Zhang.

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Unravell Egg by Marion Conrow

Marion Conrow is a regionally-based artist whose work “Unravell Egg” is part of the exhibition. In 2007, Marion had a major car accident which left her with a brain injury. “Unravell Egg” is a combination of installation and sculpture, and was created to reflect the nature of Marion’s healing process following her accident. Find out more about Marion’s work here.