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Two New Exhibitions: Mash-up & Random and Exact

If you’re in the Wagga Wagga region during the month of August, you’ll be lucky enough to have access to two new exhibitions on display at the Curious Rabbit in Wagga Wagga. Mash-up, featuring work by artists Layla Bacayo, Sarah McEwan and Veronica Watson, and Random and Exact, by printmaker and painter Angela Coombs Matthews and painter/sculptor Jordy Bos.

Mash-up explores how three different artists interpret the same sitter. Sarah McEwan, artist and Creative Producer from the Cad Factory says “We all approach portrait making so differently. Layla is the mash-up queen! She brings together unusual elements to make quirky images. Veronica creates beautiful, realistic portraits. I make portraits by interviewing people and turning their worlds into imagery. When we bring our portraits of the same person together, it reveals the sitter in a more multi-dimensional way.”

Random and Exact takes a close look at chaos and control and their existence in our lives and how artists can make beauty from both positions. Angela Coombs Matthews, works from a place of uncertainty where time, place and context often gets lost, giving her work a mythical and magical feel. On the other hand, sculptor and painter, Jordy Bos, makes work that is meticulous, precise and repetitive in its forms.

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