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Tweed Regional Gallery | The Continuity of Life

exhibition launch

Image: Maki Horanai, ‘floating above the world’, 2015.
The paintings of Maki Horanai display a unique and imaginative combination of artistic sensibilities, transporting the viewer into a fantastic world of dreams. Horanai’s work defies any single label, yet has its own immediately recognisable style, often touching or quirky, but always evocative.

“Thoughts while standing in front of one of Maki’s paintings:

I have stopped myself for a moment to connect with the world that you have created and shared with me. So you enter into the circle of my life. You breathe, you live, you paint; I breathe, I live, I become part of your universe. My body moves closer and my eyes slowly focus in amazement on the details of the smallest parts and then I step back slowly to see larger sections and finally look at the centre and unfocus to see the whole. Only in this way am I able to see that, like in a Japanese temple garden, your spaces around and between are as meaningful as what fills them.

I thank you for giving me this chance to see myself through your work.”

– Hillel Weintraub, September 2016
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