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Tweed Regional Gallery | 'Drawn to Print: David Fairbairn' and 'Slow light… Celestial'

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Image: Colleen DaRosa, ‘Raada’, 2016, synthetic polymer paint on etching paper, 81 × 115 × 5.5cm.


Tweed Regional Gallery presents the exhibitions Drawn to Print: David Fairbairn and Slow light… Celestial, open from the 21st April to the 18th June 2017, with an official opening 21 April at 6pm.


Drawn to Print: David Fairbairn
The Temporary Exhibitions Gallery

Renowned portraitist David Fairbairn is well known for his large mixed media drawings. Although this aspect of his practice continues, in recent years he has worked almost exclusively on large scale etchings.

David Fairbairn said, “It is important to me that my etchings compliment and extend my previous explorations in drawing. With these new prints, drawing directly from the sitter onto the copper etching plate is an important aspect of my process. The length of time spent with a person and the stopping and starting of a work as a series develops, are factors that contribute to the final outcome. I am interested in the unexpected transformative qualities of the line that is etched by immersion in ferric chloride. The quality of the corrosive line is different to a drawn line on paper using charcoal or pastel. Now working predominantly in black and white, I am able to reinforce the underlying formal and abstract structures in the depiction of the sitter, whilst still emphasising the emotional and psychological content of the work.”

Drawn to Print: David Fairbairn showcases drawings produced from 2010–2016, and etchings of the same sitters created during the period 2015–2017.

David Fairbairn is represented by Stella Downer Fine Art, Sydney and Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, Melbourne.
Slow Light… Celestial
Colleen DaRosa
The Macnaughton Focus Gallery

“The Slow Light… Celestial series was inspired by my road trip in April this year starting in the Red Centre, Uluru on 2 April 2016. The previous day, artist Bruce Munro had finalised the installation of his epic work Field of Light (2016) using 50,000 solar-powered LED lights. He had been enchanted a decade ago by the fields of wild flowers he’d seen at Uluru and was motivated to recreate a vision in light. Under the night sky, one experienced the glowing majesty of a celestial floral tribute to the Milky Way, mirrored in a colourful cosmos. The enormity of the work and the power of light as a poetic device was compelling.

The motifs for the Slow Light… Celestial series are traces from that experience and my own imaginings of celestial light and cosmic forms. I employ techniques in which reflection and refraction of light create a glow of colour. As one’s view point changes, light becomes a more palpable force.”

– Colleen DaRosa, September 2016


For more information visit the Tweed Regional Gallery website or call (02) 6670 2790.