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Ticketing Professionals Conference & Tradeshow 2014

TOOLKIT 2020: Knowledge & skills to see you into the next decade.

The 10th annual Ticketing Professionals Conference & Tradeshow will be presented in Brisbane in February. The theme is: TOOLKIT 2020: Knowledge & skills to see you into the next decade.

Over three days national and international experts and network will present to a professional audience gathered from across Australasia. Four international speakers that will share their expertise and exciting case studies:

  • Hannah Rudman, AmbITion, Event Horizon
  • Tim Baker, The Pricing Institute, Implementing Dynamic Pricing for Box Office Managers
  • Debbie Richards, Baker Richards, Nudge your customers to do the right thing
  • Vicki Allpress Hill, The Audience Connection, Optimiser: Online benchmarkng for the arts

As an integral part of the conference, the trade show offers system vendors and you the opportunity to share, discuss and demonstrate recent advances in ticketing systems and the analysis of box office data.

Monday 17th is the Training Day with ticketing vendors including Enta, Tessitura,, TicketServ and SeatAdvisor. This is followed by the Keynote speaker and opening drinks and then on Tuesday and Wednesday the conference sessions with the Tradeshow running parallel adjacent to the sesssions.



Programme details and registration:



See this promotional video for last year’s conference for more information.