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Yarning Our Country Exhibition in Gloucester


Knitting magicians have conjured bucolic landscapes, complete with flora, fauna, people, buildings, machinery, clouds and garden picnic scenes, entirely out of yarn, at the Gloucester Gallery. Everything is woolly, even the lamingtons at the picnic.

The installation brings together the work of over 200 knitters of all ages from across NSW, to create an amazing world of woollen agrarian wonder called Yarning Our Country. The town of Gloucester which already has something of a reputation for yarnbombing, has now gone public with this exhibition inviting visitors to walk through a rainforest of vines and follow the river to its flowing woollen waterfall which opens up to a pool, where a couple of furry, purled platypi have made their home. The 3D journey continues to an aerial view of French-knitted farmland with stocking-stitched sheep, cabled cows, yarn-spun horses, crocheted crops and loomed machinery.

The project relied on the talents of Kimbarra Nursing Home residents, who made the river section of the landscape. St Joseph’s Primary School and Barrington Public School have put their French knitting skills to the test to make snakes, vines and insects.

Gloucester Gallery Director, Leanne Barrett, who co-ordinated the project says,  ‘When Gloucester hosted the Rural Women’s Gathering in October 2011, I thought it would be great to have a major knitting project to keep the connections made between the participants and the knitted landscape project was born,’ she said. ‘I also liked the idea of celebrating what is considered to be a traditionally “woman’s craft” and pushing it a little bit further than most knitters are used to.’

The background pieces are made of 10 inch squares that will be turned into Wrap With Love blankets for charities at the conclusion of the project.



WHEN? July 18 – August 18 2013

WHERE? Gloucester Gallery

ENQUIRIES: Leanne Barrett on 0428 508 704.


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Image credit: Porject by NSW Knitters Guild Epping Branch, phography by Leanne Barrett (2013)