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The Goulburn Concerto supports young musicians from the greater Goulburn region

Goulburn Regional Conservatorium would like to invite you to attend and take the opportunity to support arts education for children in Goulburn, Canberra, and the wider region.

As a special event, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s Meet the Music concert has been dedicated entirely to the performance of a work called ‘The Goulburn Concerto’. This work is one of the first of its kind in the world, expressly written for professional musicians to perform alongside, and as equal members, with young disadvantaged children from Goulburn who have only been playing their instruments for two years. This work will also feature a violin soloist, the highly experienced Associate Concert Master of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Kirsten Williams.

The concert is free and will be attended by school children from Goulburn, the Goulburn Region, Canberra and very importantly, parents of the Goulburn young musicians, most of whom will have never stepped inside a concert hall.

The work has been composed by a world renowned Australian composer Sean O’Boyle AO and will be premiered in the United States later this year by three professional orchestras and include young disadvantaged musicians from areas such as LA, New York, and Chicago. The work bares the name of the city and children that inspired it and is dedicated to the Canberra Symphony Orchestra who have made significant contribution to the commissioning fee, providing professional musicians and general supporting this innovative idea to creating effective links between professional arts organisations, Canberra’s community and extending out to the regional areas that are so integral to the nation’s capital. The entire project has emerged from the innovative Goulburn Strings Project under the direction of the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium.

The Goulburn Strings Program and the Goulburn Concerto were born from academic work on the impact of music education to improve life outcomes for children, particularly disadvantaged ones, conducted by Dr. Anita Collins from the University of Canberra and Paul Scott-Williams, Director of the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium. The program is  supported entirely by philanthropic grants and NSW Department of Education funding support that works to change the life outcomes of children at Goulburn Public School, many of whom are refugees from war, or have one parent currently in Goulburn Maximum Security Prison, with just under 20% from Indigenous backgrounds and most of whom live in disadvantaged circumstances. The program is free to every student in the school and supported heavily by the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium.