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Tek*Star Festival 2013

1st Art & Technology Conference in "Australia's Silicon Valley" Byron Bay


Media-makers, tech geeks and art lovers will find the digital curiosities of TekStar, the festival currently underway at Byron Arts and Industry Estate. It kicked off last week as a ground breaking event showcasing the artistic possibilities of technology.

This is the first time the 10-day festival has taken place. Funded by Arts NSW in partnership with artist initiatives Kulchajam in Byron, Serpentine Arts in Lismore and Ukitopia in Uki, and Dlux Media Arts in Sydney, it is a breathtaking glimpse into the future of the digital age with hands on workshops, interactive installations, panels on the future of tech, youth programs & community stalls, plus electrifying performances from local, national and international artists. The purpose is to create lasting networks among artists and creative professionals interested in digital technology and arts.

“We have some amazing talent in this region and technology is both a powerful tool and a powerful medium for artists,” said creative director Techa Beaumont.

Workshops will be held on 3D art, hacking and circuit bending as well as virtual reality, music production, animation and video among others. Highlights include workshop such as 101 creative ways to use your iPhone. The youth program can be viewed here and includes workshops from the creators of award winning children’s show, Dirtgirl.



  • June 15 – 21 ::: Digital Workshop Series
  • Thursday June 20 ::: The Konvergence
  • Friday June 21 ::: GLOdance Uki
  • Saturday June 22 ::: Lismore Lantern Parade



The festival culminates in The Konvergence , a multidisciplinary spectacle of light, sound, art & technology to be held at the Byron Sport & Cultural Complex on Thursday June 20th.



Artists include:

Spoonbill (MUSIC) * Dropbear (VISUALS) * Ethno Tekh (MOTION CONTROL) * The Space Cowboy (SIDESHOW CELEBRITY) * Ric Richardson (INVENTOR) * Dirtgirl (KIDS STAR) * Joel Salom (COMEDIAN) * Dream Drone Star Vision  (DIDGE JOURNEY) * Tralala Blip (SOUND COLLECTIVE) * Kellie O’Dempsey & Michael Dick (DIGITAL DRAWING) * Soda_Jerk (VIDEO REMIX) * Renata Sheppard & David A. Shamma (INTERACTIVE DANCE) * Dr. Barry Hill (THOUGHT CONTROL MUSIC) * Greg Sheehan (PERCUSSION MASTER) * Dr. Andrew Burrell (3D MIXED REALITY) * Dean Jefferys (DIGITAL SOCIAL CHANGE) * Dr. Grayson Cooke (SCU RESEARCHER) * Simon Richardson (BYRON MAYOR) * Kirra Pendergast (COMMON GROUND) * Earth Guardians Australia (YOUTH ACTIVISTS) * Bay FM & Echonetdaily (INTERACTIVE BOOTHS)



WHEN? June 14 – 23, 2013

WHERE? Various sites (see website) in Byron Bay





Image: Photo by Rebecca Kinsey, Kellie O’Dempsey and Michael Dick’s live digital art performance.