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Soup Sessions with Orana Arts: A Nation of one

Join Orana Arts on 6 May for the first “Soup Session”, themed: A Nation Of One.

What is Soup Sessions?

With galleries and museums closed for the foreseeable future, Orana Arts want to make sure that creativity continues to play a place in our life and will therefore be starting fortnightly online “Soup Sessions” to give makers and performers of all trades the chance to produce work whilst they are at home.

How it works:

Orana Arts will pitch in $500 which will be supplemented by online participants of the soup sessions. Each fortnight 4 artists will be invited to ‘pitch’ an idea at the online soup session for an artwork of any sort that is suitable to be broadcast over the web and follow the rules of socail distancing – this could be a short film, animation, spoken word piece, poem, dance, performance, music – There will also be a theme to follow.

Attendees to the online soup session can ask questions, make donations, or just be part of the conversation. Once all the pitches are over, the crowd votes for the work they most want to see made. The winner then recieves the cash to help them get making. They have two weeks to produce their work which will be premiered at the start of the next soup session.


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