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Screenworks | Vitamania Screening at Mllumbimby Civic Hall

Ahead of its broadcast on SBS Australia, Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Sonya Pemberton will be at Mullumbimby Civic Hall on Wednesday August 8 to screen and answer audience questions about her latest feature documentary Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins.
Vitamin pills can be curative, or lethal, just like pharmaceuticals but people can buy them without consultation. How on earth in today’s risk-averse world did this come to pass?
In Vitamania, scientist, presenter and YouTube star Dr Derek Muller investigates this surprisingly urgent question. Muller is skeptical of the many marketing claims but open to discovery. He learns that vitamin-related science has won 10 Nobel Prizes. He sets out to go beyond debunking, to uncover the real benefits and risks of a collection of molecules equally beloved by medicos and marketers— but for very different reasons. He asks: in a world where even the scientists disagree how do we decide to take them or not? How do we separate the sense from the nonsense?
What he uncovers will confound opinions on all sides. Ultimately Vitamania seeks to empower consumers to make reasoned and informed decisions about vitamins – decisions that will save them money but might also save their lives.
Sonya Pemberton talks about what inspired her to make the film:
“The idea for Vitamania evolved during the production of our previous SBS feature documentary, Jabbed – love, fear and vaccines. Whilst filming I met many people who identified as being vaccine hesitant; they perceived little benefit and significant risk, so they refused or delayed vaccination. These same people often said they ‘took vitamins’ and often gave them to their children because, despite not knowing what vitamins were, where they came from, how they were made and regulated, they perceived significant benefit and no risk. Zero. Zilch.
“I wanted to know, why do millions of people trust that vitamins are doing them some good? Why is there this ‘health halo’ around them, where did it come from? And how did a group of thirteen chemical compounds launch a global industry worth over one hundred billion dollars a year?”
Following the screening, Sonya will be in conversation with Catherine Marciniak, Senior Features Reporter, ABC North Coast for a behind-the-scenes discussion about the making of the film, along with a dive into the complex issues it covers.
“Screenworks in partnership with Genepool Productions are proud to be bringing this event to our health-conscious Northern Rivers community. This is a rare opportunity to watch the film ahead of its online launch and broadcast premiere on SBS TV, and be able to contribute to a live debate,” said Ken Crouch, CEO Screenworks
Screenworks is encouraging people to pre-book tickets as we hope that this event will sell out quickly like other recent screening events in Mullumbimby.
Doors will open at 6.30pm with the film commencing at 7pm followed by the Q&A. Tickets are available from
Vitamania is presented by Screen Australia, in association with SBS Australia, CuriosityStream, ARTE France and Film Victoria.
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