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Regional Arts Australia Winter Webinar Series

The first of Regional Arts Australia’s 2016 Winter Webinars Series will be held on Thursday 12 May between 11am and 12pm AEST. The webinars series will be held throughout May, June, July, and August and can be accessed for free online.

Webinar 1 is titled ‘Re-Imagining, Re-Thinking, Re-Generating Regional Places’. The webinar will explore culture is being promoted as a driver, a method, and an endpoint of regional development. It is at the core of many current models for regeneration, designed to ignite a myriad of outcomes. But how realistic is this? Is it naive to talk of culture-led recovery in communities suffering high-level unemployment and infrastructure issues?

What are some of the innovative models being used for culture-led regeneration across regional Australia? What are the opportunities for transformation in regional Australia? What are the obstacles? How can renewal be long-term, sustainable? How can it be measured? What might we have to change in our understanding of both culture and economy, to really move forwards?

The May webinar will be hosted by Ben Eltham (New Matilda; Centre for Policy Development) and include presenters Dr. Kim Dunphy (Cultural Development Network Victoria), Justin O’Connor (Monash University; Shanghai Jiaotong University), and Marcus Westbury (Renew Newcastle; Renew Australia; Contemporary Arts Precinct Collingwood).

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