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Raglan Gallery Cooma | The Kelton Plain Artist Residency Exhibition

exhibition launch

Image: Helen Gauchat ‘Afternoon Light, Cooma’  (detail), 2015, acrylic on board, 26 x 47cm $900, Courtesy of Defiance Gallery.


The Kelton Plain Artist Residency was established in 2012 by Sally Haslingden and Defiance Gallery.

Since then over 30 artists have stayed at the Haslingden family home in the beautiful 1890’s homestead and have enjoyed painting the surrounding farmland amidst the inspiring landscape of the Monaro. This exhibition at Raglan Gallery is a celebration of the first five years of the residency and includes works by artists who have taken part in the residency and those who have been invited in 2017.

The artists include some of the country’s most recognised landscape painters such as Elisabeth Cummings and Lucy Culliton, mid career artists, as well as emerging artists from NSW, Victoria and Queensland. The residency is also equipped for sculptors and large scale sculptures have been created on the property by John Wright.

Kelton Plain is an ideal environment for artists to come together and explore the striking landscape on the property and the surrounding area. The sense of camaraderie created from staying at the residency and painting en plein air has been a wonderful experience for all involved. In the winter months some artists have chosen to depict the interiors and still life settings within the homestead whilst others have literally painted outside in the snow. The result has been fascinating and the works show depictions of the property, inside and out, year round throughout the changing seasons.

Sally and David Haslingden’s Mother had a great appreciation for the arts and it has been a joy for the family to see the homestead full of creative people. Each artist donates a work after visiting the residency and they have formed the ‘Kelton Plain Collection’ which is displayed throughout the homestead and the grounds.

Defiance Gallery, Sydney manages the residency and has curated this exhibition which includes painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and printmaking. Many thanks to Denyse Roberts from Raglan Gallery.

Richard Morecroft was one of the first artists to stay at Kelton Plain and will be opening the exhibition at 4pm Sat 4th Feb.


Exhibiting artists include: Tim Allen, Charmaine Pike, Dan Kyle, Helen Gauchat, Campbell Robertson-Swann courtesy of Defiance Gallery, Lucy Culliton, Elisabeth Cummings courtesy of King St Gallery on William. Sue Anderson courtesy of Australian Galleries. Chris Langlois courtesy of Olsen Gallery, Michelle Hungerford courtesy of Weswal Gallery. Annalisa Ferraris courtesy of China Heights Gallery, Rhett Brewer courtesy of Artsite Gallery. Alison Mackay, Richard Morecroft, Michael Herron, Kate Robinson, Adrienne Richards, Annabelle Mason, John Wright, Suzie Bleach, Andy Townsend, Andy Macdonald, Penelope McKeown, Alison Coates, Helen Redmond, Michelle le Dain, Victoria Harris, Annabel Mason, Alison Chiam, Julia Griffin, Rowen Mathews, Bradley Short courtesy of the artist.


Exhibition Opens Saturday 4th February, 4pm by Richard Morecroft. For more information contact (02) 6452 3377.