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Preserving Cultural Crafts

Cross generational weaving workshops with Dolly Jerome

Baskets by Dolly Jerome. Image credit: Ruth Offer

Renowned Aboriginal weaver, Dolly Jerome, will pass on her knowledge of weaving in a series of cross generational weaving workshops to be held next week at Trewlawney Station, Gomeroi Gaaynggal Centre and Hillvue Public School, Tamworth.

Offered by the  Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) and funded through the Country Arts  Support Program (CASP) the Preserving Cultural Crafts project, will see Dolly pass on her knowledge of weaving where participants will learn how to identify native natural resources, their suitability as traditional weaving resources, processing resources and the skills required to use them in traditional weaving.

Tamworth LALC CEO, Fiona Snape, said  community consultation with Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council members and various working groups identified that knowledge of traditional culture was a gap in community.

‘Tamworth LALC has taken this feedback on board and will focus on culture as part of a holistic approach to engage positive community development and support,” Ms Snape said.

Tamworth LALC Chairperson Harry Cutmore added that Aboriginal culture
represents the oldest surviving culture in the world.

‘It is important for its continued survival that traditional practices are maintained and passed on to future generations. Without passing of knowledge practices will die and be lost forever,’ Mr Cutmore said.

The project will be delivered with strong partnerships between Tamworth
LALC, Arts North West, 2 Rivers Pty Ltd, Gomeroi Gaaynggal and Hillvue Public School.

Scheduled dates and venues for the workshops are:

Monday, 11 May  “Trelawney” Somerton. Open to Community (bus transport available) Tues, 12 May Gomeroi Gaaynggal Arts Health
Wed, 13 May Gomeroi Gaaynggal. Open to Community
Thursday, 14 May 14 Hillvue Public School Open to Community
Friday, 15 May  Hillvue Public School Student Day

Bookings are essential and can be made by contacting Arts North West Aboriginal Arts Officer Lorrayne Riggs via email or on mobile: 0467 668 977.
For more information see Tamworth LALC’s facebook page or website