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Paulette Hayes Exhibition - CONTROL. ABUSE. KILL. She’ll Be Right, Mate.

Paulette Hayes‘s thought provoking exhibition, CONTROL. ABUSE. KILL. She’ll Be Right, Mate. will be open at Lismore Regional Gallery from Wednesday 17 June – 23 August, alongside an Dissonant Rhythms, and touring exhibition (from the IMA) by Brisbane artist, Ross Manning.

The exhibition is the result of years of experience, thought and art-making about women; and honours the women who were murdered in Australia in 2013. Using data from Counting Dead Women (an awareness campaign which researches, records and publishes every reported femicide in Australia), the artist invites the viewer to confront what cannot be said and brings light to heal the wounds around what has been kept secret.

Hayes uses two powerful symbols to signify women and men, and to speak about where this violence frequently occurs. She takes the home as a symbol of women’s safety and daily life and highlights it as a site of ongoing and accumulative violence. The blue singlet, casually called “the wife basher” in Australian vernacular, is a poignant and brutal motif, with the child’s singlet pointing to when this behaviour is sometimes learned, starting a continuous cycle of violence.

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