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New England Regional Art Museum | Seminar: Collecting and Investing in Art

This seminar will explore the motivations, processes and potential benefits of art collection and investment from the diverse perspectives of an accountant, a commercial gallerist and a private collector. Whether you collect for pleasure or to secure your financial future, this discussion will give insight into how and why people collect art and will leave you with valuable tips to apply as you build your own collection. Read more

Eastern Riverina Arts Fundraiser

Join Eastern Riverina Arts as they launch their fundraising campaign to support their work assisting emerging artists. Enjoy a glass of bubbles and nibbles and hear from some of the artists Eastern Riverina Arts have supported. Read more

Murray Arts | Billet Doux

Murray Arts is excited to announce that the BILLET DOUX 2018 exhibition is now open at Albury LibraryMuseum, on display until Sunday 2 December. Billet Doux is a biennial open entry contemporary, non-acquisitive, art prize and exhibition of small scale artworks – showcasing the diversity in visual arts practises in the Murray Arts region. Read more

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery | Coarse Stories

Coarse Stories is an experiment – an engagement with ten artists whose work moves through spaces, gathering the experience of their physical, ideological, interior and exterior facets over time. These artists share an awareness of the space they themselves inhabit and too, the space they re-posit in their work. Each is a negotiation of human existence today and explored within the process of a practice (making) and without doubt, living (being). Read more

Lismore Regional Gallery | Dirt & Ash: Fiona Fell and Kellie O'Dempsey

Dirt & Ash displays a dynamic exchange between two mid-career artists, Fiona Fell and Kellie O’Dempsey. The exhibition explores the links between artists’ bodies and practices via their respective mediums of clay (Fell) and charcoal (O’Dempsey). At face value, Fell and O’Dempsey have very different approaches to art. Fell’s process is private and studio based. O’Dempsey’s performance drawing is a public spectacle. Read more