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Orange Chamber Music Festival

The Orange Chamber Music Festival is the new Art Music event of the Central West, featuring established Australian ensembles, domestic and local artists within a variety of locations, ranging from the concert stage to cellar doors and hatted restaurants.

It is a four Day event, designed to allow visitors to enjoy not only the carefully crafted programs and varied performances, but to explore and to experience the fascinating hospitality network of Orange, NSW.

Tickets to individual events are now on sale! The Festival features a great variety of performances and settings, for all tastes and ages.


Gala Concert – Orange Chamber Music Festival 8 April

F.O.O.D + ARTS HQ 9 April

Nexas Quartet – Tango De Saxos 9 April

OCMF + Chamber Academy ‘Peter and the Wolf’ 9 April

Q&A for Woodwind Players 9 April

Acacia Quartet in Concert 10 April

Mad Duos Cocktail Concert 10 April

Orange Chamber Music Festival – Festival Winds 11 April

TONIC Gala Dinner feat. Emily Granger & Niels Bijl 11 April