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NERAM | RIVERSONG: Four Seasons of the Rocky River

Image: Jan Clark, Riversong Summer: Moth Nights (detail), 2018, mixed media.
Armidale artist, Jan Clark, is inspired by the extraordinary beauty found in the tiny details of nature particularly those of the Rocky River by which she lives. This body of work expresses the feelings, moods, sounds, heat and cold of the Rocky River, where small riparian habitats provides deep spiritual nourishment.
“I have lived alongside the Rocky River for seven years. My small riparian habitat has given my life a richness I never expected. Documenting the seasons, the plants, and the creatures has provided a journey of rhythm and flux. No two seasons are the same, the months come and go but the patterns of weather and life are infinite variations on a theme. This body of work begins with scientific methods but is realised as twelve panels of colour and textures.”
– Jan Clark
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