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Masters Apprentice at Matilda Street Gallery

An Homage To Her Masters

Masters’ Apprentice is Kristin Hardiman’s visual tribute to 25 internationally renowned artists who have influenced her practice. It consists of 75 pieces which examine the worlds of her favourite modern masters including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Brett Whiteley.

Showing at Eddie Frankel’s Matilda Street Gallery, Regional Arts NSW spoke to Julia Morrell (Gallery Curator) about this unique body of work on the Mid-North Coast.


When did you decide to host this exhibition and why? Kristin Hardiman came to our attention two years ago when we saw several of her art works at the local Nambucca Valley Art Show. Her portrait paintings were ‘stand outs’ and after submitting landscapes to our open shows at Matilda Street Gallery, we offered Kristin a solo show. Kristin has worked on art works for Masters’ Apprentice for more than a year and our reason for hosting this exhibition is to highlight Kristin’s abilities as an artist. She can paint, draw and sculpt in any medium. She is prolific, professional and an inspiration.

What is unique about this collection? Masters’ Apprentice is a unique body of work because Kristin has thoroughly explored the worlds of the 25 artists that she presents in the exhibition. Each trio of work includes a portrait drawing of the artist, a small oil painting depicting the women behind the scenes in the artists’ lives, an amazing papier mâché sculpture appropriated from the artists’ works, along with a quote that offers insight into how each of the artists saw their creative world.

What sort of a response to the exhibition are you seeing from visitors? Visitors are wowed by this exhibition because of the brilliance of the artwork but also to see the portraits of artists displayed along with how they painted. Our visitors have described the show as “educational” and are amazed that the artist has produced the volume of work at such a high standard.

Kristin Hardiman says, “Art is one of the best barometers of life and what is happening around us.” What is happening in the community that is influencing the Matilda St Gallery at the moment? This is our 12th exhibition in 16 months and we are growing our arts-loving community by providing special exhibitions and events that engage not only our artists and arts-loving communities but musicians, school and aged-care visitors and tourists visiting the mid north coast. The Nambucca Valley does not have many opportunities for the arts and the Matilda Street Gallery is filling a large cultural gap. The community support us because the last gallery Macksville closed more than 25 years ago. Since Rod Howard’s appointment as RADO with AMNC he has shown strong support for the Matilda Street Gallery through promotion via the AMNC website and his editorials in the Coffs Advocate ‘Saturday Arts’.



Masters’ Apprentice – Kristin Hardiman curated by Julia Morrell

Until: Mar 16, 2013

Tel: (02) 6568 4433



Image: Salvadore Dali by Kristin Hardiman (photo by Julia Morrell 2013)