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MAMA | Yours. 70 years of collecting

exhibition & public programs

MAMA invites you to come behind the scenes of a working art museum. Get inside MAMA’s ever expanding art collection and curate your own exhibition.

Albury’s public art collection began in 1947, with Albury Council’s initial investment of 75 pounds to the Albury Arts Society to create the first municipal Art Prize in NSW. The Albury Art Prize provided the foundation for the city’s art collection, which continued to develop via donations, acquisitions, cultural gifts, and a new prize, the National Photography Prize, commencing in 1983.

The collection has grown to include over 2000 works including artists such as Sir Russell Drysdale, Tracey Moffatt, Max Dupain, Arthur Wicks, Bill Henson, David Moore, Olive Cotton, Destiny Deacon, Francisco Goya, Norman Lindsay, Charles Blackman, Gordon Bennett, Wassily Kandinsky, Mike Parr, Rona Green, Imants Tillers, Alfred Eustace, Rosemary Laing, Fred Cress, Margaret Olley, Fiona Hall, and James Gleeson.

With the redevelopment of Albury Art Gallery into the current Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), the city constructed an exciting new facility in which to view, care for, interpret and grow the permanent collection. MAMA’s AAA-rated collection storage area is brimming with new donated works thanks to an outpouring of generosity since MAMA reopened in October 2015.

MAMA’s collection now spans generations, artistic genres, and trends. We invite you to get inside the collection and embrace it as your own.

After all, it’s yours.



Mine. Curated by you
Embrace the MAMA collection and curate your own show, Mine, for ANZ Zauner Foyer.

Visitors to Yours: 70 years of collecting will be able to view hundreds of works from the MAMA collection on exhibition in the Paul Ramsay Galleries. Within the exhibition, a Curators Workstation is placed to allow visitors to select a theme or concept for their own exhibition and select up to 10 works to hang in the ANZ Zauner Foyer. Visitors will be able to sketch up their exhibition proposal and submit to the MAMA team for review.

Each week a new guest curator will be selected, based on the submissions received. MAMA aims to showcase a variety of styles, tastes, and generations within its guest curators, mirroring the variety of works held in the collection.

Mine will be installed each Monday, giving MAMA visitors an opportunity to watch the process of installation live in the foyer. MAMA exhibition staff will be interacting with visitors to explain the installation process.

Each Sunday, Mine will be officially opened by the weekly guest curator, from 2.00pm – 3.00pm.



Collection Highlights

When: Thursdays, 9 February – 13 April, 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Where: Collection Workshop, Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA
Price: FREE

MAMA Collection Workshop

As part of Yours: 70 years of collecting MAMA has moved its collection workshop upstairs into the Paul Ramsay Galleries. See behind the scenes of a working art museum, and learn what goes into managing a collection, archiving works, putting artworks out on tour, arranging conservation, and installing different types of artwork.

Staff will be working from the exhibition space, providing visitors with the opportunity to ask questions and interact.

Collection Highlights Program

For those who would like to delve deeper into the collection, the MAMA team will hold an interactive presentation every Thursday during Yours: 70 years of collecting.

Unframed works from the archives will be revealed, individual artists featured, and special themes within the collection elaborated upon.

Make a weekly appointment to learn more about your collection with the expertise of MAMA’s arts professionals.