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Maitland Regional Art Gallery | Woof Woof


Welcome to Woof Woof is the colourful imagining of a town called Woof Woof, a magical wonderland populated entirely by dogs, where bones grow on trees, rainbows shine every day and tummy rubs are essential.
Welcome to Woof began as the crazy colourful imaginings of Vanessa Turton who started to think ‘What it is that brings people together, what is something we all love?’
Dogs! People love dogs! And so ‘Welcome to Woof Woof’ was born and quickly grew to become the perfect partner to David Capra, Teena’s Bathtime, 2015, MCA Jackson Bella Room Commission which will be showing concurrently in the Art Factory’s upstairs gallery.
Come to MRAG and immerse yourself in the land of Woof Woof: throw a bone to a hungry doggy, colour a doggy activity sheet or help a Woof Woof resident to find the perfect sized dog-house.
Welcome to Woof Woof ….where pats and cuddles are always welcome!
For more information phone (02) 4934 9856, email or visit the website