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Lismore Regional Gallery | Unrestful Emptiness, Restless Silence

Now open at the Lismore Regional Gallery is Unrestful Emptiness, Restless Silence, an exhibition of works by Jessica O’Connor. Jessica O’ Connor is the recipient of the Lismore Regional Galley Graduate Award.

It all started here.

It’s a lost childhood.
It’s the child who was forced to grow up too quickly.
It’s a question for the mother who didn’t know.
It’s a scared young girl who became a woman.
It’s the same woman who still questions her worth.
It’s an apology to the children who never had a chance to exist.
It’s the woman that made that choice.
It’s a thank you to the mother who will be gone too soon.

It’s my reality
My shame.
My fears.
My choices.
It’s my story.

My silence ends here.

Unrestful Emptiness, Restless Silence is about the pattern of quiet that surrounds the ugly and painful parts of life. Utilising everyday household furniture and combining it with concrete brings a weight to the familiar that we all carry in one way or another.

Viewing the work reminds us that no one is capable of carrying it alone and silence does nothing but cause pain in the end.

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