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Lismore Regional Gallery | Protest Move-ment with Cake Industries


Image: Cake Industries, ‘Simulacrum’, 2014.


Work with experimental artist duo Cake Industries to create large mobile robotic sculptures incorporating Lismore’s history of vibrant street protest and your feelings about the present, and dreams for the future. Using your boundless imagination and a diverse set tools and techniques such as 3D printing, mechatronics, electrics, carpentry, papier mâché, and paint, you’ll get hands on experience building large-scale kinetic artworks. No prior experience is needed, just enthusiasm and a willingness to experiment as young artists.

The project will be run throughout the year in week-long intensive workshops at the Computer Clubhouse (under the Lismore Conservatorium off Keen St), culminating in a public showing of works as they roam down the streets of Lismore.

For more information contact Lismore Regional Gallery at or on 02 66 222209.


About Cake Industries:
Artist duo Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen have worked together since 2006 as permanent collaboration, “Cake Industries”. Their eclectic experimental practice utilises mechatronics, robotics, carpentry, 3D printing, and reworked everyday objects to create anthropomorphic and autonomous sculptural works that embody anachronistic futurism. They enjoy exposing the inner workings of things, embracing the beauty of raw mechanisms, and physically remixing the world around them into visually distorted forms. Often inspired by 1950s science fiction dystopia and alternate realities, Cake Industries’ performative sculptures investigate societies, cultures, realities, and futures. To not limit the possibilities of audience/artwork interaction, their work inhabits diverse spaces from the traditional gallery setting to unconventional public locations, often blurring the boundaries between fantasy and the real world.
They have also presented a wide range of creative workshops as teaching artists based on their own practice.

Recent work of Cake industries can be seen on Instagram here.

This project is proudly supported by Social Futures and Youth Connections Computer Clubhouse.