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Lismore Regional Gallery | Dogged: Geoff Harvey

Image: Geoff Harvey, Hamish (Airedale) 2012 and Jack (Jack Russell) 2012, steel, courtesy the artist.
In honour of start of the Dog year (Chinese New Year 2018) starting on 16 February, Geoff Harvey’s lyrical dog sculptures will be on display at Lismore Regional Gallery. Come in and you will encounter these friendly canines at various sites around the Gallery.
“I am honoured to be exhibiting at Lismore Regional Gallery because I consider Lismore my second home. Also, because there are several of my earlier photo-real paintings and silk screen prints in the Gallery’s collection it will be interesting for the viewing public to see another side of my practice.
As an artist, I enjoy experimenting with different styles. One of which is found object sculpture. This came fairly naturally to me, because I come from a family of collectors, who find inspiration in discarded things. In 1985, I held my first exhibition of my found object Dog sculpture and I felt I had developed an artistic expression which was truly me. I later taught myself to work with steel and developed the oxy cut steel silhouette dog that I first exhibiting in Sydney’s annual ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ at Bondi Beach. This style of sculpture was ideal for the coastal panoramas because it visually reads like strong line drawing in the landscape.
I am very fond of all animals and I have sculpted a variety of them, but Dogs are my favourite. Perhaps it’s because there are so many shapes, sizes, temperaments and characteristics that I have become so obsessed by them. Or perhaps because I do not have a real dog I am creating surrogate best friends for myself. I cannot answer these questions. Except to say that I have a very large pack of sculpted dogs living with me in my home, yard and studio and they bring me much pleasure by just being around. The dog symbolises unconditional love and companionship which are two characteristics I very much admire. And they are also a symbol of my happy childhood.”
Geoff Harvey is a Sydney based artist has been a practicing artist for over forty years. His practice moves across the disciplines of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, assemblage and sculpture. He has exhibited widely in Australia including fifty solo shows. He has won numerous art prizes including 2012 Gallipoli Art Award. His work appears in collections in Australia and internationally, including Art Gallery NSW, National Gallery of Australia and Parliament House and Lismore Regional Gallery.
For more information contact Lismore Regional Gallery on (02) 6627 4600 or email