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Lismore Regional Gallery | Beguile

Image: Rembrandt van Rijn, ‘Circumcision in the stable’, 1654.
Beguile: European Masters: 17th – 20th Century brings together 21 prints from the Lakeview Collection. The collection spans from the work of Old Masters; Rembrandt and Goya, to Modern Masters; Renoir, Picasso, Chagall and Miro. It ends in the 20th century, touching the world of popular entertainment with Destino, a fascinating collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali.
Beguile provides a rare opportunity to look back at the greats of European art history. The artists in this exhibition were innovators, and believed in the power of art. Their art was intended to challenge, to touch, to raise emotion, and it still does to this day. So many years on, one cannot help but be impressed by the artists’ technical prowess, and how their works reflect the beliefs of their times, whist still appealing to universal values relevant today.
Also highlighted in this exhibition is the relationship between artists, master printers, and publishers. Containing etchings, lithographs and serigraphs, some of the prints are the product of a creative relationship between an artist and master printer, whereby the artist worked with a skilled technician (master printer) to translate their ideas into the medium of print. Printmaking was (and is) a valued artistic medium with unique technical requirements, but it also enabled original art to be made in multiple. This increased interest in art by making it more accessible.
The names associated with these prints are not only those of the artists, but where they are known, the names of the printer and publishers. These include; Ambroise Vollard (publisher, art dealer), Teriade (publisher), Aldo Crommelynck (master printer), Macquart (master printer), Marcel Salinas (master printer), Fernand Mourlot (master printer) and The Walt Disney Company (entertainment conglomerate).
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