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Night Visions

Lismore with the lights off.

Night-time has enchanted mere mortals as well as artists since primative times.

Lismore Regional Gallery is currently showing an exhibition which presents poetic notions of our noctornal world and imaginations, along with the science of the night. The exhibition examines the point where what we can visualise in the night’s light slips over into a realm beyond our comprehension weaving into the offering true stories, traditional and urban Indigenous culture

‘Night Visions’ features the artwork of Gulumbu Yunupingu, Andrew Browne, Dinni Kunoth Kemarre, Josie Kunoth Petyarre, Jon Cattapan, Trent Parke, Mark Kimber, Greg Weight, Dennis Nona, Marc de Jong, Viv Miller, David Stephenson and Waratah Lahy.

Image Josie Kunoth-Petyarre ‘Melbourne at Night’ (2008)