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Lismore Laughs Returns with Merrick Watts, Josh Earl & Tommy Little

Lismore’s one and only comedy festival returns in 2018 with a spectacular, star-studded line up.
Featuring Merrick Watts in his first solo show; Josh Earl, host of Spicks and Specks bringing us family-friendly mayhem with songs, stand-up and cartoons, in a show which is bound to have everyone in stitches; and finally Tommy Little, who has fast-evolved into one of the country’s most exciting comedians.
A great weekend for Lismore, held in conjunction with Eat The Street on Saturday, while our pop-up diner on Friday evening will be operated by Secret Chef.
“It promises to be a big weekend in Lismore with Eat the Street and Lismore Laughs working together to provide locals and visitors with a weekend of food and fun! It’s a great opportunity to enjoy everything Lismore has to offer in an action packed couple of days in March.” says Mitch Lowe, Lismore City Council Tourism and Events Manager.
Lismore Laughs Comedy Festival

  • Merrick Watts – Friday 9 March, 7:30pm Tickets $25-$49

  • Josh Earl – Saturday 10 March, 2pm (Ideal for ages 4-10) Tickets $20-$30
  • Tommy Little – Saturday 10 March, 7:30pm Tickets $25-$36

Life is confusing and no one has all the answers…except Merrick Watts. None of his answers are right but at least he’s having a go.
This is Merrick’s first solo show. We know! What’s he been doing? He puts the delay down to not being able to come up with a funny enough quote to put on the poster.
Seriously though, he’s worked really hard on it and wants you to like it and tell your friends on social media about it because he is very needy and requires constant attention.
Man of the Hour attempts to answer all the questions nobody’s asking, like “Where did all the bull ants go? Now we have sink holes. Coincidence? I think not!”
Lismore Laughs: Merrick Watts, Friday 9 March 7:30pm, Lismore City Hall
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Josh Earl has a weird family. You think your family is weird? They’re nothing compared to Josh’s. From a dad who can’t read maps, a mum who can’t be spoken to her when her TV shows are on, a Nan who needs table manners, and a dog that burps bubbles. And don’t get him started on his brother…
From the award-winning comedian and host of Spicks and Specks and Stand and Deliver comes a show just for kids. (Alright, adults can come — but you have to behave!)
It’s family-friendly mayhem with songs, stand-up, and cartoons, bound to have everyone in stitches.
Lismore Laughs: Josh Earl, Saturday 10 March, 2pm (Ideal for ages 4-10), Lismore City Hall
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Tommy Little is as stupid as they come. Lucky for the rest of us stupid makes for great comedy. He sold out shows all over the country in 2017 so why wouldn’t you forget your troubles and come have a laugh with the best of all the idiots.
The past year has seen Tommy host The Comedy Channel’s Whose Line is It Anyway? Australia, the Just for Laughs Stand Up Series live from the Sydney Opera House and he continues being everyone’s favourite fill in host and correspondent for The Project.
Lismore Laughs: Tommy Little, Saturday 10 Match, 7:30pm, Lismore City Hall
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For more information or to book tickets visit or phone 1300 066 722.