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Lines and Shadows Projection Art Workshops

Shadow Puppetry & Sculpture in Nerrandera


The Narrandera Arts and Creative Network (NACNet) will host The Lines and Shadows Projection Art Workshops over 2 days, this month. Participants will learn basic skills using projectors, mapping and software to create shadow art.

Facilitated by the wonderful Greg Pritchard, Day 1 is titled “Shadows”, and Day 2 is “Projection”. The workshops will give you the basics of shadow puppetry and sculpture, projection art and video mapping. You will learn about theoretical and practical components and will have the chance to storyboard and create your own shadow puppetry performance or sculpture, and projection art.

People can join either workshop or attend both days.

For further information or to express an interest in attending these workshops, contact NACNet by calling 0427 985 297 or