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Lieder Theatre Company | Periphery Festival

A weekend of workshops, discussions and networking, culminating in performances, Periphery will examine theatre as a tool for social change through the shared experiences of a broad range of community organisations, theatre practitioners and interested individuals.

Guests – Teatr Brama

Hailing from Goleniow, Poland, Teatr Brama are expert practitioners of Social Community Theatre. They revolutionise the relationship between audience and theatre by utilising performance to create a participatory meeting, not a spectator activity. The Teatr Brama ensemble is a diverse group dedicated to a common artistic goal, realised by researching the heights and depths of emotion, recalling heritage and reacting to the reality of life. Partners in the Caravan Next project, Teatr Brama will share their experience by spreading inspiration, tools and knowledge about Social Community Theatre.

Hosts – The Lieder Theatre Company

Inhabiting the small city of Goulburn in regional Australia, the Lieder Theatre Company do not shy away from big issues and edgy theatre experiences. As Australia’s oldest continuously running theatre company, the Lieder are known for their inclusive and collaborative approach, pushing performance boundaries to explore the psyche of their local community. The Lieder Theatre Company presents up to 5 major performance projects each year along with numerous community events, readings, workshops, short seasons of experimental and new work as well as nurturing a thriving youth theatre.
The Lieder theatre look forward to opening up discussions around the challenges faced by community theatre groups who seek to do more than just entertain, but wish to engage and provide meaningful theatre experiences.

Inspiration – Theatre for Social Change

Initiated by Odin Theatre who have been guiding the work of its European partners with this project, Caravan Next is a large-scale Social Community Theatre collaborative project connecting professional artists with communities and citizens in a network of theatre organisations and cultural institutions. The concept of Social Community Theatre is to use art and theatre to promote community empowerment. It is an art form that expands the traditional concept of both “theatre” and ”audience” and rethinks theatre as a process of meeting and exchange between local citizens and professional artists. In this process, the participators from the community are co-authors and co-actors of the final product. Thus, Social Community Theatre is also a way to get into contact with present challenges of the different communities and to establish new networks.
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