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Jim Paterson Exhibition at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

Machines & monsters on an island in the outback


Jim Paterson grew up watching the ships come into Port Melbourne in the 1950s. From these densely industrial memories, full of soot and grit, the artist has created an imaginative world within his inked images that weld machinery to monsters on an island in the outback.

Jim has now lived in Broken Hill for 20 years and is very modest about his highly imaginative art. He is often exhibited at Place Gallery in Melbourne, where he is celebrated as an iconic image-maker.

According to Cathy Farry, manager of the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery which is hosting an exhibition of his work in this April, his process normally begins on the back of a beer coaster.

‘He starts by doodling on beer coasters and then develops his stronger ideas into larger works,’ Farry explains. The trouble is that now advertisers have seized both sides of the humble beer coaster, but Farry assures us, ‘he has stocked up on the old one-sided beer coasters. He told me he has “a lifetime supply of them.”’

His dry sense of deadpan works its wry way over you gently, much the way you would imagine the artist would be over a beer. ‘He has a drawing of a boat called Elvis which I was looking at and then told him, “Oh yes, I see it now. It’s the way the smoke puffs into a coif!”’ Farry recalls her ahah! moment to which the artist replied in typically droll fashion, ‘Yeah, you’d think I was a happy bloke.’

Be transported by his soaring aeoroplanes and landscapes in miniature.



Exhibition closes: 5th May 2013

Location: Broken Hill Regional Gallery

Tel: 08 8080 3440