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Gunnedah Creative Arts Gallery | The (Non) Humans of the North West


Gavin Coote grew-up on a farm on the North-West Slopes and Plains of NSW. As the middle child of a farmer and a nurse, he grew-up alongside our vast landscapes, littered broken down cars, agricultural machinery and the ever-iconic brashness of Australiana that embodies the wheat belt of the Central West of NSW. These themes have inspired Gavin’s artworks.

Gavin’s incarnation of regional Australia is beyond his art life and is the crux of his employment as a reporter for ABC Regional North West. Gavin’s artworks make you wonder if this is, his imagination attempting to contrive physical attributes to the voices providing him slogans and stories as he scrawls in the back of a notebook as a way to pass time, while travelling hours to get a good story.

His ‘she’ll be right’  painting technique and light hearted themes convey his wicked sense of humour. His works convey the intersections of his anthropological study.

The (Non) Humans of the North West features fictional and expressive representations of the people and places of regional Australia and an insight into Australian Rural life that is often over looked. Gavin brings a playful and entertaining insight into our regions own style of ‘Australiana’.

His works explore unpredictable creatures and eccentric characters that reflect the quirkiness, diversity, vibrancy of The Northwest.

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