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Grafton Regional Gallery | Collection: Flowers II – Gladys O’Grady


Image: Gladys O’Grady, ‘Native Frangipani’, courtesy of Grafton Regional Gallery and the artist.
Gladys O’Grady (1894 – 1985) and her sister Doris O’Grady (1902 – 1994) were keen observers of the natural environment. Most of their lives were spent on the family property Tristania at Seelands, west of Grafton. The rainforest gullies and river banks, home to a myriad of native species of flora and fauna, and the rural and river landscapes were the sisters’ main subject matter. The specific geographic and climatic conditions of this region provide an overlap zone for temperate and tropical bird and plant species. Tristania is one of many farms set on the peninsula of the Clarence River.

Gladys is perhaps better known for her watercolours of birds but she also, especially in her earlier years, created wonderful watercolours of flowers and landscapes. These paintings date from the 1920s through to the 1970s and showcase her passion for both art and the surrounding environment.
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