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Goulburn Regional Art Gallery | Remembering Words

Image: Clara Adolphs, Woman, seated (detail), 2017. oil on linen, 64 x 45cm.
Clara Adolphs is a local figurative painter who uses found photographs as source material for her work, creating expanded narratives and new histories from moments in time.
Remembering Words is the culmination of a year’s work, beginning with a residency at the Cite Internationalé des Arts in Paris in early 2018. Continuing her interest in abandoned photography, Adolphs explores the tangibility of time and memory through her painting – with her application of oil to canvas becoming more and more agile in recent works.
Moving through reference materials quickly, Adolphs’ paintings express a trace energy and sense of motion, indicative of the life presented in the photograph. Gesture and expression in the new non-figurative studies reveal anthropomorphic tendencies almost inextricable from human perception of forms.
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