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Goulburn Regional Art Gallery | Cathy Laudenbach & Scott Chaseling

Image: Cathy Laudenbach, ‘Beat Crowe’s Room 7’ (detail), Photographic print from negative, 2006, 75 x 110cm.
Goulburn Regional Art Gallery invites you to the upcoming exhibitions by Cathy Laudenbach & Scott Chaseling, from 13 October – 11 November, opening Friday 13 October at 6pm.

Cathy Laudenbach | Gundaroo Rooms

Twenty years ago I lived in Gundaroo: a small village north of Canberra. I spend many hours with some of the older residents of the village. I would visit regularly with my camera recording both them and their homes. Homes that were old and lived in. Homes that told stories of families, history, place and country Australia. Matt Crowe, the local publican was born in this house more than 80 years before.
Time appeared to stand still in the rooms, although now these rooms no longer exist. The inhabitants have died and with time the rooms have been modernised and renovated.
This exhibition of images of place recall a time in Australia’s recent past.

Scott Chaseling | Betwixt: Sculptures in Becomingness

This exhibition will reveal sculptures that represent a liminal space between a sense of place and one of being lost. Scott Chaseling will present art works relating to Heterotopia (a place between Utopia and Dystopia).
Through the use of glass and mirrors, this exhibition will demonstrate that it is possible to establish a liminal space that consists only of a state of becomingness. Liminality, in this application, is characterised by the unsuspecting, abstraction and innocence.
The sculptures and wall works reveal a point of transition, either through materials that are in a liminal process or by exploiting the viewer’s visual perception. This temporal shift of reading, along with a change in material expectations, will allow the viewer to participate with the sculpture via the introduction of their own interpretation/s.
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