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exhibition launch

Polka-Not is the culmination of a body of work produced during REGIONAL GALLERY’s Artist in Residence Program at Lynwood Farm in Collector, NSW. Playing with porcelain for the very first time, Zara Collins experimented making tableware and porcelain & silver jewellery. Using a combination of techniques including; slip casting, hand building, hand carving, stamping and soldering to create a small body of work for REGIONAL GALLERY’s foyer space. The title Polka-Not refers to the stamping used on both the silver and porcelain piece’s surfaces, which were inspired by shibori, haphazard and non-uniform styles of spot decoration. “Polka dots are perfectly even and sized, while spots are irregular in spacing and shape, celebrating the imperfect nature of handmade items.”


Free artist talk 11 am Friday 17 February. For more information contact REGIONAL GALLERY on (02) 4823 4494.