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Dark Sky Dreamings & Outer Space, Inner Minds

It’s time at last to celebrate our beautiful night sky and the wonders held within it. Through published prose and poetry alongside friends, family and strangers, delve into the celestial mystery of the stars over drinks, nibbles, mingling and books.


Dark Sky Dreaming

You’ll find inspiring stories, poems and essays by a great diversity of Australians responding to what some have called the ‘Inland Astro-Trail’, which connects rural and remote communities with world-class astronomical observatories such as those at Parkes, Siding Springs and Narrabri. Some skystories are “literary”, others intensely personal, but all are guaranteed to widen your horizons—upwards!


Outer Space, Inner Minds

Ever since humans have looked up, we have been mesmerised by the changeable wonders of an evening sky. Even more so, they have speculated on the celestial objects that we can see with a naked eye and those beyond the reach of our most powerful telescopes and space probes. We continue ask is there life beyond our fragile atmosphere, our solar system, our galaxy—or are we alone, a cosmic accident in an otherwise lifeless universe? And, if other lifeforms do exist on moons or distant exoplanets elsewhere, what form/s does it take? Is it intelligent, more or less so than we humans are?

Entry is FREE, follow the Skywriters Project Facebook page for updates on this event.