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Be seated at the Creative Table with Bowral artists

A creative collective in the Southern Highlands


Commercial photographer, Hamish Ta-mé, moved to Bowral from Sydney 14 months ago seeking space for his family and space to create. A month before the move, he attended the Southern Highlands Art Studio Trail to learn more about the local art scene. ‘I basically went along and introduced myself to the artists whose work I liked and said, “Hello, I’m moving down here in a month – let’s be friends!”’

Motivated by his own philosophy about creative community (‘If the communities you want to be part of don’t exist, you go and create them.’) he connected with the head of TAFE, the council and his local RADO, Elizabeth Brown from STARTS. By the time he relocated, he had formed a group of artists who were interested in getting together to meet and share their creative experience.

‘We had 30 people come along on that very first night,’ Hamish says. ‘The universal response has been, “I don’t know why nobody has done this before”.’

The group is called Creative Table and is open to all creatives living and working in the Bowral area. They meet monthly at a local bar called Biota who have been supportive and accommodating of the group by reserving a large table for the meetings and organising discounted wine for the group meetings from a local vineyard. Currently Hamish manages an email list of 80 people, a growing Facebook page and the monthly event is attended by about 25 people each time.

The gatherings are casual  affairs (no speeches or talks), with the aim of creating a relaxed, regular social event where artists can share ideas and inspiration which Hamish hopes will enrich the creative vibrancy of the region.  He sets up a projector which shows the work of the attendees which acts as an informal conversation starter.

‘Living in a regional setting is sometimes a little bit isolating. Most people have enough space to work from home, so they don’t need to share studio space,’ Hamish explains. ‘Creative Table is about collaborating and a shared experience. It’s to do with making people aware that they are part of a greater web of creativity here.’

The inaugural Creative Table Exhibition is now calling for entries. Details are on their Facebook page.

The next Creative Table meet is on Friday, 8th February 6-9pm. All are welcome.



When –  2nd Friday of every month

Where –  Biota, Kangaloon Road, Bowral NSW

Facebook –